Every great witch and wizard in history started right here, as a student. If they could do it, why not us?
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 Jasmine Liam

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Jasmine Liam
Ravenclaw Student
Ravenclaw Student

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Age : 23
Year : 7th year
Wand Type : 11 in, hawthorn, phoenix feather
Where do you stand? : Order of the Phoenix
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PostSubject: Jasmine Liam   Thu Nov 20, 2008 3:23 pm

Jasmine Liam


Job position:*

Year of graduation/drop out:*

OWL and/or NEWT grades:*

House:[when attending hogwarts. If character was attending another school, state which school]*

Special ability and/or breed:[Animagi, metamorphosis, werewolf, etc..]* (NOTE; If you are not an Animagus, and you would like to go to the animagus hangout, then you can create on in that topic and leave it there!)
Raven animagi

brown hair and brown eyes

smart, loner, quiet

11 in, hawthorn, phoenix feather

Loyalty [Order of the phoenix, Death Eater, Dumbledore's Army. Etc.]:*

Relationship status:*

History about your character:*
I was raised in Ireland and have always gone to Hogwarts. I have one older brother. We were raised by our aunt and uncle because our parents travel alot. I'm kinda a loner and i'm shy. I find peace in reading and studying or sitting under a tree day dreaming. I have a pet cat Gibber and a pet owl Jada.

RP sample:*
I was sitting under one of the trees by the black lake and just looking out at the lake. I had a book in my hand and some paper to write my notes in.
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Jasmine Liam
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