Every great witch and wizard in history started right here, as a student. If they could do it, why not us?
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 Emma Rae Zambini

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Emma Rae Zambini
Slytherin Prefect

Number of posts : 146
Age : 24
Wand Type : Phoenix feather, 9 ½ inches, Ash, Good with Transfiguration
House Quiditch Position (If on Team) : Seeker
Where do you stand? : Order of the Phoenix
Patronus : fox
Registration date : 2008-11-03

PostSubject: Emma Rae Zambini   Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:34 pm

Emma Rae Isabelle Zambini but I only go by Rae


Job position:*
Don’t work

Year of graduation/drop out:*
Still attending

OWL and/or NEWT grades:*
Haven’t taken it yet

House:[when attending hogwarts. If character was attending another school, state which school]*

Metamorphosis and also a red fox animagi with honey eyes

short brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build, and my appearance only changes when I want it to

Can be a bitch, but also known as one of the nicest Slytherin's.

Phoenix feather, 9 ½ inches, Ash

Loyalty [Order of the phoenix, Death Eater, Dumbledore's Army. Etc.]:*
My parents are loyal death eaters but I will be in the DA

Relationship status:*
Single but I have a secret crush on Harry Potter *Will be dating him eventually*

History about your character:*
I’m the twin sister of Blaise Zambini and I’m best friends with Draco, Theo Nott, and I get along with the Weasley’s. And everyone pretty much. I’m the leader of a little group of girls; each one is in a different house. My parents are loyal death eaters, but I don’t want that life. I’m not materialistic and I love quiditch. I have had a secret crush on Harry Potter since first year but I knew I would be disowned if I started to date him. I am a metamorphous and a red fox animagi. I have a firebolt for a broom, and I have three pets; A barn owl named Ginna, a orange cat named peanut, and a black lab named Orion (he stays home during the school year.)

RP sample:*
I was walking through the halls with Keri since we had C.O.M.C together. I accidentally ran into Ron and Harry. I looked around the halls to see if any Slytherins where around and when I didn’t see any I looked at them. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there.”

Harry gave me a smile. “It’s okay. We didn’t see you either.” He knew I was in Slytherin but he was always nice to me so I was nice back when I could He knew that my brother and Draco would tell mum or dad and I would be in huge trouble.

“You going to Astronomy?” I asked them

“Yup.” he said and then looked at Ron who was giving me a small smile.
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Emma Rae Zambini
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