Every great witch and wizard in history started right here, as a student. If they could do it, why not us?
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 Atrayu Snape

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PostSubject: Atrayu Snape   Fri Jan 02, 2009 2:14 pm

Name:* Atrayu
Nickname:* Tray, Ty
Age:* 24
Year:* graduated
breed: * Wizard
Anamagus:* White Fox
Personality:* I have an attitude with people I don't know, If you get on my bad side then I won't be nice
History:* I am the oldest child to Snape, and older brother to Ravyn,
Person portraying the character in avatar/signature:* Jensen Ackles
Relationship status:* Single
RP sample:* ~Must be at least four (4) sentences long~ Laying on the ground I didn't move in fear they would come back, After a few minutes everything went black and I woke up in St. Mungos. "What happened? I asked.
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Atrayu Snape
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