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 Destiny Valmeraz

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Destiny Valmeraz


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PostSubject: Destiny Valmeraz   Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:31 pm

[center]Name:* Destiny Valmeraz
Nickname:* DJ, Dest,
Age:* 16
Year:* 7th
House:* gryffindor
breed: * Vampire
Appearance:* She can read peoples minds, And she can move fast Personality:* She is very talkative when she is nervous, but once she gets to know some one she is very bubbly, she is also tomboyish
History:* Destiny was 13 when she was wondering the forbidden forest and she got bitten by a vampire. When it was time to go home for the summer, her parents sent her an owl telling her to find somewhere else to stay because they didn't want her any more. and if she bothered coming home she would find the house empty and she could have it if she wanted, they were afraid she would kill them or turn them into the monster she is. She has come to terms with being a Vampire, in fact she actually enjoys it.
Person portraying the character in avatar/signature:* Mena Suvari
Relationship status:* Single
RP sample:* ~Must be at least four (4) sentences long~

Destiny was bored and wanted to have some fun, she noticed some first years wonder into the forest she smiled an evil smile. Silently walking into the forest she made sure to make the slightest noises so they knew they were being followed. "wh...who's there?" a fist year stuttered. she didn't answer. After a while she got bored and jumped out, "BOO!" the first years took off running.
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Destiny Valmeraz
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