Every great witch and wizard in history started right here, as a student. If they could do it, why not us?
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 Ephiny Malfoy

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PostSubject: Ephiny Malfoy   Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:20 pm

Name:* Ephiny Malfoy
Age:* 30
Year:* Graduated
House:* Slytherin
Special ability and/or breed:[Animagi, metamorphmagi, vampire, werewolf, etc..If you are not an animagi and want to be on at the animagus hang out then you can be one there and just leave it there]*
Appearence:* Curly blonde hair with hazel eyes
Personality:* A little distant, quiet, tries to stay out of the way
History:* I am the younger sister of Lucius Malfoy. I was once a death eater, but that all changed when I was injured and left for dead. One of the members from the order found and healed me back to health. After that my outlook on things changed. Lucius and I are no longer close.
Person portraying the character in avatar/signature:* Danielle Cormack
Wand:* Dragon heartstring 9 1/2 in, willow
Loyalty:* Dumbledore
Relationship status:* Single
RP sample:* I sat in the corner of my house and cried. I couldn't believe that it had happened and that he was the one to do it. I know that he does not consider me family any more.
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Ephiny Malfoy
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